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  • Do you have to be 55 to live here?
    No. While we are an age restricted community, federal guidelines allow 20% of our community to be under the age of 55. However, no one under the age of 18 is allowed to live in the community.
  • Are these homes for purchase or rent?
    Our community is purchase only for new construction single family townhomes.
  • Are these townhomes or condos?
    Our homes are townhomes. This means that you own the walls, roof and ground underneath your home.
  • Are pets allowed?
    Yes, two pets are allowed. Should you have three pets when purchasing your new home, they will be permitted. Upon the demise of one animal the homeowner agrees to limit themselves to two pets. We do require that all pets be on a leash outside the home.
  • Can I rent my townhome?
    Yes. Homeowners can rent their townhomes, but they must abide by the community rules. The renter must meet the age requirement, the lease must be a minimum of one year and the HOA must be provided a copy of the lease.
  • What are taxes currently?
    Our community falls within the City of Hickory limits. Current property taxes are approximately $2,100 per year.
  • Who are the utility companies?
    Click the link below to get a list our utility companies.
  • Can you hear the neighbors thru the walls?
    According to the current residents, no. There is one foot between you and your neighbor. This is comprised of sheetrock, framing, insulation, an air void, the firewall and then a repetition of air void, insulation, framing and sheetrock.
  • Can grandchildren visit and sleep over?
    Yes, grandchildren can visit and sleep over. They cannot live with you or use your address for the school systems.
  • Can I screen my porch?
    Yes, this is an upgrade option that we offer when you purchase your new home.
  • Who do I call if I have an issue with my home?
    You are purchasing a home and as such, interior and exterior maintenance is your responsibility. A home warranty is provided upon purchase of a new construction home directly from the developer.
  • Can I park an RV or trailer in my driveway?
    No RVs, campers, boats, trailers or commercial vehicles can be parked in homeowner driveways. No trucks in excess of 1 ton or over 20' are allowed to park in the driveways.
  • Can I have a grill?
    Yes, grills are allowed in the community. They must be stored on the back covered porch and rolled outside of the porch for cooking.
  • Is there an HOA? What are the dues?
    Yes, we do have an HOA. Monthly dues are $150 per month. Please click the link below for additional information.
  • What do the HOA dues cover?
    The HOA covers lawn maintenance and the replacement of the roof at the end of its life expectancy. To read all details please look at the CCR's on the HOA website,
  • Will HOA dues go up each year?
    We do not expect an increase in the HOA dues next year. The CCR's do allow for an annual increase of no more than 10%. To read all details please look at the CCR's on the HOA website,

Frequently Asked Questions

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